Mobile DATA centers
Arctic-2 offers custom-made, highly secure mobile data processing centers (data centers) set up in 40-foot sea containers for hosting computing equipment with an electrical consumption of up to 1.1 MW. Arctic-2 has considerable experience in designing data centers and equips them with the most modern computing equipment. Arctic-2 engineers have the highest qualifications, which allows us to constantly improve the design of mobile centers and service them properly.
Arctic-2 containers provide:
  1. Reliable proven design
  2. Easy equipment access
  3. Simple maintenance
  4. Energy efficiency
Advantages of Arctic-2 Containers
  • 1
    High-profit computing due to advanced design
    Thanks to innovative solutions, mobile data processing centers manufactured by Arctic-2 offer one of the highest levels of computing profitability, and when hosting containers on company premises, the user receives additional benefits from the use of cheap renewable electricity.
  • 2
    Automated protective equipment and a reliable low-current system that eliminates failures
    The containers produced by Arctic-2 are equipped with automated protective equipment, which prevents failures along the power supply line. This allows to maximize the operating time and the output of each computing device. Thanks to an efficient low-current system, the devices are reliably connected to the local/global network for continuous data transmission.
  • 3
    Efficient equipment cooling system
    A robust passive cooling system allows the computing equipment to work at any time of the year without loss of performance. The system was initially designed to minimize the cost of a computing power unit due to the absence of energy-intensive cooling nodes.
  • 4
    Interior lighting and high-quality exterior painting with logo
    The interior container lighting allows to conveniently inspect the equipment or conduct maintenance work at any time of the day. The exterior paint prevents container corrosion for a long time, regardless of the location and climate, and the application of the customer's logo serves to increase brand awareness.
Arctic-2 offers the hosting of ready-made containers on its premises on attractive terms:
  • Maintenance price: is 5.2 rubles per kWh
  • Extended container warranty
  • 5% discount on container production (provided that it is hosted for at least 12 months)
Arctic-2 creates an infrastructure for hosting mobile data processing centers, thereby ensuring a significant reduction in maintenance costs. Connection to a single power supply system, professional service and constant monitoring ensures the best results.
Mobile Solution
Arctic-2 offers mobile data processing centers for hosting equipment.
Join Arctic-2!
Arctic-2 invites medium and large companies to host their computing capacities in our data centers when solving operational tasks. Your data will be absolutely safe with us, and you will not need to invest in the operation of expensive equipment. We assume responsibility for the entire range of activities that are essential to the functioning of any company today.
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