Arctiс-2 Data Centers
Arctic-2 is a company involved in the construction, commissioning and maintenance of modern data centers that meet the highest reliability and computing power requirements. Data processing centers (data centers) today are the most important elements of the digitalization of the economy. They are vital to developing high-tech spheres, i.e., BigData, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence, neural networks, cloud solutions, 3D rendering, etc.
Arctic-2 implements its projects at large industrial enterprises closed due to unprofitability, at outdated harmful plants, in territories of advanced socio-economic development (TASED), in regions with high unemployment, where newly constructed data centers allow people both to find a high-paying job, and to become the driving force of one of the most high-tech industries.
Our Goals
To promote the digitalization of European economy by offering the most favorable conditions for the use of computing power through import substitution of equipment and high technologies.
To prompt large companies to effectively use their computing power in their operational activities and investment projects.
To contribute to regional development by introducing high technologies and to create new jobs together with large companies.
To use regional spare energy resources optimally, demonstrating the utmost efficiency and benefits of green energy.
Our Mission
Arctic-2 strives to make people's lives more comfortable, easier and more logical through the use of advanced information technologies.
We pay close attention to the link between our industry and energy industry and use only renewable resources with a neutral carbon footprint.
We consistently strive for synergy of the resource base and digitalization, creating value by investing in the protection of the environment, rather than at its expense.
Our Team
Our team comprises highly qualified specialists who are capable of finding bold solutions and taking responsibility for them. We are willing to spend an infinite amount of time fostering every employee’s growth.

First of all, our company is a made up of like-minded people united by common ideas and working on the cutting edge of scientific and technological progress. We never stop learning, and therefore can always propose the most innovative solutions.
Our History
The history of the Arctic-2 data center network begins in 2017 with a small data center in the Leningrad Region, where the company hosted its own servers and several partner racks.
Grand opening of our data center with a capacity of 20 MW in the presence of members of the regional administration. Investments in the project exceed half a billion rubles. The project team is preparing to reach a new level.
The Arctic-2 company was established. The company becomes a resident of the Arctic zone. In the town of Nadvoitsy a 5-MW data center is built on the premises of an abandoned aluminum plant, a platform for hosting container equipment is commissioned, and the reconstruction of the plant's workshops begins.
By the end of the year, the total area of the data center exceeds 13,000 sq.m., over 40,000 units of equipment are hosted, and the center’s total capacity approaches 120 MW.
Advantages of Working with Arctic-2
The Arctic-2 team can change the world for the better. We believe in innovation and a digital future, green energy and high-tech. We know that people are the main value. By bringing people together and partnering with other companies, we are bringing closer a future that was unfathomable just a decade ago.
Large companies from Europe, China, India, etc. host their equipment with us. We design and build new data centers to meet the global demand.
We use the energy of En+ hydroelectric power plants, which do not harm the environment. The electricity generated through the operation of hydroelectric power plants is renewable, which is crucial from the viewpoint of ecology.
We are convinced that our work allows to improve the quality of life. We sincerely believe that our resources and our modern data centers will benefit everyone who would like to see their children healthy and happy, breathing clean air and using all the self-realization opportunities that the modern world provides.
Arctic-2 actively helps local authorities. During the pandemic, personal protective equipment was delivered to the regions to prevent the coronavirus epidemic, and gifts for WWII veterans were distributed in May. The company has repeatedly received letters of appreciation from local and regional authorities, including the head of the Republic of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov.
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