Client Equipment Hosting
Stop worrying about setting up and maintaining your computing power.
Computing Equipment Hosting
Arctic-2 is offering to host your computing power at its data centers for projects of any complexity. We will operate the equipment and ensure its high energy efficiency.

We take full responsibility for safeguarding our partners’ information and ensure the seamless operation of computing capacities with round-the-clock support.
What is included in the equipment hosting?
Selection of optimal working conditions for your equipment
Rack assembly with an efficient unified cooling system
Final configuration, including configuring the services of the selected OS
Hosting in a data center with pre-launch testing
Stages of Connecting Computing Power
Our specialists will guide you through all the stages of equipment hosting. Arctic-2 engineers have considerable experience with similar tasks, they will advise on any issues and offer the optimal hosting and configuration based on the your equipment range and the purposes of its operation.
Container Production
Arctic-2 offers to host your equipment in our company’s containers. Containers that we manufacture allow to efficiently host computing equipment with comprehensive customer service support and control of your equipment’s operation.

We create the entire infrastructure required for computing equipment hosting, supply the power and an integrated cooling system. Your equipment will work flawlessly for a maximum period of time.
More about containers

Digital Asset Depository
Arctic-2 offers a deposit of digital assets if you are not certain about the security of their storage or do not want to devote your time on it.

We will ensure complete storage confidentiality and reliability for any assets, as well as their transfer on demand.
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