Arctic-2 Data Centers
Arctic-2 offers equipment hosting in modern data centers to solve the most time-consuming computing tasks in Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence, neural networks, cloud solutions, 3D rendering, etc.

We set up data centers in regions with a suitable climate, affordable renewable energy sources, reconstructing abandoned factories and enterprises and creating jobs in areas with high unemployment. The combination of these factors allows us to offer the most favorable conditions for computing power rental.
Data Centers
Nadvoitsy is a high-tech data center with a capacity of 65 MW, built in the advanced development territory in Karelia on the premises of an abandoned aluminum plant. Today, the data center provides about fifty permanent jobs for local residents (more than 90% of the staff). We provide a salary that is 32.9% higher than the regional average, and contribute over 40 million rubles to the regional budget (up to Q2 2020)

We plan to increase the computing power of the data center to 120 MW, create more than two hundred permanent jobs, invite students from the Republic of Karelia for internships, conduct trainings and socially significant events and contribute to the formation of the image of Nadvoitsy as a local center of modern IT development.
The Arctic-2 company was established in 2020. The company becomes a resident of the Arctic zone. In the town of Nadvoitsy a 5-MW data center is built on the premises of an abandoned aluminum plant, a platform for hosting container equipment is commissioned, and the reconstruction of the plant's workshops begins.
The erected data centers require the most modern equipment, electricity supply, and installation of equipment and video surveillance cameras for real-time monitoring.
We plan to build new data centers and increase our hosting capabilities. We know how to develop within this industry and will strive to make it one of the fastest growing sectors.
Join Arctic-2!
Arctic-2 invites medium and large companies to host their computing capacities in our data centers when solving operational tasks. Your data will be absolutely safe with us, and you will not need to invest in the operation of expensive equipment. We assume responsibility for the entire range of activities that are essential to the functioning of any company today.