Arctic-2 offers mobile data processing centers for hosting equipment.
Container data centers manufactured by Arctic-2 allow to host about three hundred units of the equipment with a total hashrate of up to 33 PH/s per unit. The convenient hosting system facilitates quick access to all devices, timely assessment of their operability, replacement or maintenance without any delays.
The mobile data center in the basic configuration includes:
  • A power supply distribution system
  • A low-current system
  • A storage system
  • A passive cooling system
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior painting and application of the customer's logo (optional)
The cost of the basic configuration and additional equipment:
Additional equipment

More About the Solution
The supply ventilation and recirculation system with automatic control and maintenance of the set temperature
Is designed for regions where passive cooling is not sufficient to ensure the operating thermal mode of the equipment. An active cooling system is an expensive complex that allows a mobile data center to function anywhere in the world.
An additional filtration system
Contributes to the supply of clean air to the container, preventing excessive equipment dusting, which often leads to malfunctions and complicates regular maintenance in regions with poor ecology. Such filters also provide excellent protection against insects and fluff, which pose an increased danger to electrical devices.
Additional protection from precipitation
Is designed to eliminate the negative impact of the weather on the operation of your mobile data center. This system will be especially relevant in areas with an unstable climate and significant seasonal temperature fluctuations.
Remote monitoring of data center parameters
Allows you to remotely monitor the operation of the mobile data center, thus reducing the need for regular visual monitoring and cutting down personnel costs. Remote monitoring is one of the data center’s fastest paid off system: when used properly, it allows to significantly reduce the working time of the service department.
A supplementary emergency automatic power management system
Is a backup power supply system that turns on when the main system fails. The system is useful when a connection to a power supply cannot be ensured over a long period of time, or when there is a constant risk of disconnecting. In this case, downtime costs may significantly exceed the cost of the proposed backup system, which is designed to prevent the data center from shutting down.
A fire alarm system with a gas fire extinguishing system
Allows to eliminate the risk of a fire in the container, which can lead to a complete or partial loss of expensive equipment. The data center offers a high level of fire safety, however, like any facility running on electricity, it requires protection in case of emergency. Arctic-2 offers the most effective and inexpensive solution – a gas-based fire extinguishing system.
A security alarm
Is required if the container is located in an unguarded area where its inviolability cannot be guaranteed. The alarm system allows you to respond to threats in a timely manner and minimize possible damage. You can use a security alarm system in conjunction with a video surveillance system.
Video surveillance system
Is designed for permanent remote monitoring of the facility and recording of external data. Video surveillance information will allow you to prevent damage to the container and its contents in time, and can also serve as a reliable evidence base if damage could not be prevented.
Consult with Arctic-2 specialists on the expediency of using additional systems with your container.
Arctic-2 offers ready-made mobile data centers and equips them with the most modern equipment.
An Arctic-2 container stands for high-profit, ease of operation, reliability and compactness.

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